As of August 2, 2019 I am now living, for the school year, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota
I will be back in Georgia this summer from end of May-End of July!!!


My mom tells a funny story about the first time I took a picture.  We were outside taking pictures of friends, foliage, the usual.  I was 3, and like most three year olds, I insisted that it was my turn to use the camera.  My parents and friends, reluctantly gave into my request/demand and posed for me.

When my mother went through the developed images, she searched and searched for my photo.  You know, the image of half a head and sky combo, or a thumb creeping into the side of the photo.  Or better yet, a blur of something that resembled a person. But in fact, there were none.

There was instead, a nice photo, in focus and centered, of my parents and their friends – smiling – living the dream that was the 70’s.

Having studied, in my mind, under some of the best Event Photographers in Georgia, my style is very candid, in the moment and real.  I strive to capture the moments that people don’t expect and the ones they do.

Enjoy my site and I hope to work with you in the future.

My Promise to You: I want you to love your photos and display them in your home. I guarantee my work 100%. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your photos I will work with you until We get it right.

Bonus Info: Mother of 3, Georgia native, Collegiate Soccer Player, Runner, Golfer, Movie Buff



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